Maintenance and Cleaning

It is recommended that you maintain and clean your Eskabe gas heater regularly to always ensure optimum use. You can do some simple maintenance in your own property throughout winter or contact your Eskabe dealer. Ideally at the start of winter or after a prolonged period of no usage, your Eskabe gas heater should be serviced by a qualified service person. Contact Eskabe to book a service call or find your nearest service centre.

Self maintenance

Turn off the heater and let it cool down before doing any maintenance or cleaning
Control areas and circulating air passageways should always be kept clean. Periodically inspect these areas before use. Your heater may need more frequent cleaning should there be excess lint from carpeting or bedding material.

To clean the cabinet exterior
Use a soft damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe the cabinet to remove any dust.

Air passageways
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean, moving it along all visible air passageways.

Vent Cap
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean.

Pilot and burner
Periodically make a visual check of the pilot light and burner flames by viewing the flames through the view port. If anything looks suspicious, contact your Eskabe dealer immediately.

To book an annual service or to have your heater checked and cleaned, fill in our contact form below. We will contact you to assess your requirements: