Eskabe Vent Free Heaters

What Does Vent Free or Flueless Mean?

Simply put, they are gas heaters that are supplied without a vent or flue and only have a gas supply connected to them. There are no pipes that bring in outside air or push combusted air outside – this means they may be wall-mounted or portable. They are considerably more fuel efficient but are designed to minimize the amount of carbon dioxide / monoxide produced to keep the heaters safe for use indoors.

It is a SANS requirement that you have ventilation in the rooms where you are operating a flueless gas heater.  Therefore, it is important that your registered gas installer visits to asses room size and ventilation to specify the correct unit for your application.  Flueless gas heaters are better suited to medium and larger sized rooms, where there is good cross-ventilation (top and bottom).

All Eskabe gas heaters are wall-mounted, available for use with either LPg or natural gas and are flueless.

Installation of Eskabe flue less or vent free gas heater

Eskabe’s vent-free gas heaters are internal, wall-mounted units that cannot be installed on the floor and should be at least 2 metres from any combustible material.

Please read more about installing a Vent-free Eskabe Gas Heater in the Vent Free Operations Manual which can be downloaded here

The Eskabe vent-free options in South Africa include 2 models to choose from. Our flueless or vent-free gas heaters may be installed in living rooms, dining rooms, passageways and studies but may not be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms or small living areas.

Please select an Eskabe gas heater below to read more about it:

Eskabe MX5


Eskabe MX5 Ventless Gas Heater   

51x44x15cm 25-30 m2 Click here to read more on MX5
Eskabe MX8


Eskabe MX8 Vent Free Gas Heater

51x70x17cm 45-60 m2 Click here to read more on MX8




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