ESKABE Gas Heaters

Eskabe gas space heaters are neat and compact wall-mounted heaters that use no electricity, they are ideally suited to small to medium sized rooms. They function using natural convection processes between hot and cold air flows. They are available as unvented heaters and may not be used in bedrooms or confined spaces.

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Approved Safe Appliances 

Eskabe Gas Heaters are approved by LPGASA as Safe Appliances which means that they are compliant for use with Natural Gas and LPG / bottled gas, in South Africa. You can read more about Natural Gas and LPG by clicking on the words.

We offer flueless, wall-mounted gas heaters. Read more about them and select the Eskabe Gas Heater that will suit your requirements best.

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Not sure which one is best for you – contact us and we can discuss your unique requirements or start with the table below

Click on the name to read moreDimensions HxWxDHeating Capacity
Where can you use it?
Eskabe MX5 Flueless51x44x15cm25 - 30 m2Living/dining/lounge/passageway/
study/office space
Eskabe MX8 Flueless51x70x17cm45 - 60 m2Living/dining/lounge/passageway/
study/office space

Eskabe S.A. (Argentina), a 100% family enterprise, have been developing and producing safe gas appliances since 1950. Since then, Eskabe have partnered with, or developed for, many countries worldwide, improving their quality and standard with each new product range. With a highly productive industrial plant in Argentina, Eskabe have become a leader in space heating, water heating and cooking equipment production. Only the best of the Eskabe Siglio and Titanium space heating range is available in South Africa.

Who are Eskabe

Eskabe S.A. have taken steps to continually improve the quality of their products. Their Quality Management system is certified by the IRAM Institute in Argentina which fulfills the requirements of the International standard ISO9001 programme. This is why they were easily able to pass South African SABS approval, which runs on the same ISO qualities. By implementing such stringent testing processes they wish to guarantee the safety and reliability of all their products.

HSG Distributors have the sole importation and distribution rights for Eskabe gas heaters for South Africa. HSG Distributors are a gas appliances distributor located in Johannesburg. It was formed to provide a greater choice of quality, approved and safe  gas appliances for energy consumers in Southern Africa.