Eskabe South Africa Warranty Conditions

Eskabe Warranty Coverage

HSG Distributors is the supplier of Eskabe Gas Heaters in South Africa, which are manufactured by Eskabe Argentina. HSG Distributors will repair, replace any component or arrange the installation of a new heater, provided it falls within the warranty periods and conditions as specified below, as deemed necessary.

Warranty Periods

Domestic Use

  • 1 year warranty on parts & components

Commercial Use

  • 1 Year warranty on all parts and components

Warranty Conditions

  1. The heater must be installed by a gas installer registered with the SAQCC.
  2. The heater must be installed in accordance to Eskabe heater installation instructions supplied with the unit, in accordance with relevant local regulations.
  3. Where a failed component or heater is replaced under warranty, the balance of the original warranty period will remain effective.  The replaced part or heater does not carry a new warranty.
  4. The warranty only covers the heater, not any plumbing etc that form part of the installation.  Correct and proper installations are not the responsibility of HSG Distributors and can affect warranty’s validity.


  • When the heater is installed the installer will provide a Certification of Conformity, which will include their SAQCC number.  The installer must note the gas operating pressure when commissioning the unit. These will need to be produced for the warranty.
  • The unit must be installed in a correct location as per the installation guideline.  Gas installations must be conducted in accordance with SANS:827 and SANS:10087.
  • The original invoice for purchase of the unit must be presented, the purchase date must be clearly marked and easily verified.

Warranty Process

  1. The User must ensure that all ‘external factors’ have been addressed before contacting agents for advice (check gas supply, cylinder, gas meter etc)
  2. The User should then contact the gas installer responsible for installation of the unit so that they can perform a full assessment of the unit and produce the following information to the agents:
    • Gas pressure readings (standing and operating pressure readings)
    • Confirmation that they have conducted all system checks, as outlined in user manual
  3. Warranty is on a ‘bring-in’ basis, therefore the gas installer will need to disconnect the device so that it can be taken to an Eskabe Accredited Service Agent or the HSG Service Department. Service calls can be made by the agents in the Johannesburg area.  If the agent is required to travel outside of this area, a travel supplement may be charged to the owner.
  4. Once repaired or replaced, the unit needs to be re-installed by a registered installer.

Warranty Exclusions

The following exclusions may cause the Eskabe warranty to become void and may incur a service charge and/or costs of parts and labour;

  1. Accidental damage to the gas heater or any component including: Acts of God; failure due to misuse; incorrect installation; attempts to repair the heater other than by an Eskabe Accredited Service Agent or the HSG Service Department.
  2. Where it is found there is nothing wrong with the heater;
  3. Where the heater is located in a non-compliant position, causing the need for major dismantling or removal of cupboards, doors or walls, or use of special equipment to bring the heater to floor or ground level or to a serviceable position.

Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, this warranty excludes any and all claims for damage to furniture, carpets, walls, foundations or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly due to leakage from the heater, or due to leakage from fittings and/or pipe work or metal, plastic or other materials caused by workmanship or other modes of failure.

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