Eskabe TB3 vent gas heater

Eskabe’s Vented Heaters have been DISCONTINUED. Should you already have a vented heater, you may contact us for servicing and maintenance.

The Eskabe TB3 Vented Gas Heater is a wall mounted unit that does not require any electricity to operate.  The Eskabe TB3 has a range of standard safety features including an oxygen depletion sensor- should either the flame go out or the oxygen levels in the room decrease below acceptable levels, then the safety system will automatically shut off the gas.  The Balanced Flue ventilation system uses a twin flue system whereby exhaust gases and oxygen for burning are drawn from the outside, therefore these units are safe and permitted for use in bedrooms, bathrooms and small area’s unsuitable for vent-free gas heaters

Eskabe Gas Heaters have a slim-line design making them neat and compact and the controls are conveniently located at the top. All Eskabe gas heaters can be used with Natural Gas or LPG.

All Eskabe vented heaters are supplied complete with full flue kit and fitting instructions for ease of installation. They need to be installed on an outside wall, no thicker than 35cm, so that the flue can pass combusted air directly outside and bring in fresh air. No special fire-proofing is required. All gas appliances must be installed by a qualified gas installer.

Ideally suited for any room but mainly for:Eskabe TB3 Vent Gas Heater

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Smaller sized rooms
  • Small office
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Passageway
  • Study
  • Classroom
  • Home office
 Power Input (Kcal/h) 3000
 Power Input (KW) 3.5
Consumption kg/h (NG) 0.22
Consumption MJ/hr (LPG) 13
 Cabinet Height (cm) 51
 Cabinet Width (cm) 44
 Cabinet Depth (cm) 15
 Heating Capacity (m2) 20 – 28
 Required Flue Yes
Thermostat No
Battery Ignition No
Room Aromatiser Yes
Sound Reduction No
3 way output No
Titanium Model No