What is a vented / flued gas heater?

Eskabe’s Vented Heaters have been DISCONTINUED. Should you already have a vented heater, you may contact us for servicing and maintenance.

A flue or vent is a built-in pipe, duct or opening in a chimney that directs combusted gasses directly through the wall and out of the room where the gas heater has been installed. This includes reducing dampness or condensation that is created by flue-less gas heaters . Previously the term flue was used to refer to the chimney itself but now refers to the fact that the gases are expelled outside.

How does a vented gas heater work?

The burning of gas for heating is conducted inside a sealed chamber in the heater.  This heavy metal chamber becomes extremely hot and radiates heat into your room.  The balanced flue system connects directly into this chamber to expel the burnt gases to the outside and to bring fresh air into the chamber.  Fresh air is important to ensure the hottest, sharpest blue gas flame is created for the proper and efficient burning of gas.

Why do we need vented heaters in bedrooms in South Africa?

In South Africa it is a legal requirement to only install ‘room sealed’, or ‘balanced flue’ gas heaters in bedrooms, bathrooms or smaller sized rooms (under 50m3).  All gas products need to be installed by a registered gas installer and installed correct to specification.  To ensure optimal and safe operation all gas appliances should be serviced and checked annually. All vented Eskabe Gas Heaters are supplied with the flue, dimensions and specifications needed to install onto the bedroom wall.

Installation of balanced flue Eskabe gas heater
Eskabe’s vent gas heaters are wall mounted on an outside wall and must never be installed on the floor.  No combustible material should be within 2m of the unit.

Please read more about installing a Direct Vent Eskabe Gas Heater in the  Vented Operations Manual which can be downloaded here

In South Africa, Eskabe have 4 vented gas heater models. Vented or balanced flue heaters may be installed any room, but are designed specifically for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller sized rooms.

The titanium or ‘TT’ models are injected with aluminum grille alloyed with titanium. They have greater heat dispersion as you can see from the table below.

There are 4 TT venting system options to choose from. This allows you to conform to different local codes or regulations, various wall thicknesses or building materials:

Eskabe TT Wall Installation

Please select an Eskabe vented heater below to read more about it:


Eskabe TB3


Eskabe TB3 Vent Gas Heater



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Eskabe TB5


Eskabe TB5 Vent Gas Heater


30-40 m2

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Eskabe TB3TT


Eskabe Titanium TB3TT Gas Heater


25-34 m2

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Eskabe TB5TT


Eskabe TB5TT Vent Gas Heater - Titanium


35-50 m2

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