Eskabe TB5TT Vent Gas Heater - Titanium
Eskabe TB5 Titanium

Eskabe gas heaters provide a cost effective Gas Space Heating solution for small to medium size rooms. Eskabe Heaters do not use any electrical connections and function using natural convection processes between hot and cold air flows. They are supplied with all parts needed for a qualified gas installer to install these wall-mounted gas heaters safely in your home of office.

They have a range of standard safety features including an oxygen depletion system that will shut off the unit in the event that there is no oxygen.

Eskabe Titanium or “TT” model heaters are used in medium sized rooms where a greater heat dispersion is required. This is distributed through their unique and exclusive, 3 way heat output system. They feature injected aluminum grille, alloyed with Titanium and battery ignition systems.

In South Africa, the Eskabe range of gas heaters are split into vented or flue and vent free or flueless.
Within each category there are 2 styles – Eskabe and TT.

Depending on the room and its size there are different options, please click on a link below for more information or read more about the vented or vent free options before choosing a gas heater for your home or office.

ModelSizeArea m2Room
Eskabe MX5
51x44x1525-30Living / dining / lounge / passageway / study office
Eskabe MX8
51x70x1745-60Living / dining / lounge / passageway / study office
Eskabe MX8TT

51x70x1750-66Living / dining / lounge / passageway / study office
Eskabe TB3

51x44x1520-28Bedroom / bathroom / small room
Eskabe TB5

51x70x1730-40Bedroom / bathroom / small room
Eskabe TB3TT

51x44x1525-34Bedroom / bathroom / small room
Eskabe TB5TT Vented
51x70x1735-50bedroom / bathroom / small room
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